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 We have visited 90 different countries, goodness knows how many Islands and 35 of the 50 American states

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January 2020

Winter Sun

Grenada & Canouan

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November 2019

Rivers of Florida Cruise

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September 2019


Plus the lowlands
of Scotland
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July 2019

My 75th Birthday 

At Rutland Water

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June 2019

Lake Gardar

WithPri & Don

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April 2019

HPB Norfolk 

with Mike & Shirley
on their ruby wedding anniversary

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January 2019

The call of Africa

Rovos Rail
from Cape Town

to Dara es Salaam

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November 2018

Lazy days in


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The Baltic sea 

aboard the Island Sky

September 2018

Anglesey & the

 Isle of Man

July 2018

Daves 74th Birthday treat


June 2018

with Pri & Don

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Island Hopping around

Cape Verde

aboard the Island Sky

April 2018

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January 2018

Denis Island
Silhouette Island

Mediterranean Cruise

Oct 2017

aboared the MS Serenissima

Corcica, elba, Sicil, Albania

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France July 2017

HPB near Bergerac 

and sailing the Midi Canal

aboard the barge Louisa

with Pri & Don

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Cornwall May 2017

Staying near Bodmin


The lost gardens of Heligan

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Bermuda April 2017

Busy doing nothing

just watching the Americas Cup practice

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Australia Jan 2017


Kangaroo Island 


Lord How Island

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October 2016

Circumnavigation of Sumatra

aboard the Caledonian Sky

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Wildlife Slide show by Sue Forbes

Snaps by Dave & Chris


51st Wedding anniversary

September 2016

Mystery holiday in Norfolk

staying in the middle of nowhere

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HPB Alfaix Spain


with Pri & Don

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3 min Video clip

Chris and Dave's 50th Wedding Anniversary September 2015

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Of our trip to Croatia

aboard the

Royal Aleganze

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Dave's 71st Birthday Trip 2015
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Puget Sound cruise Seattle to                     La-Gomera June 2015
Vancouver Island April 2015                            With Pri & Don
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Papua New Guinea Jan 2015

Washington DC to the Mississippi November 2014

Paris and the Seine September

Click to see 12 min Video clip            Of our boat trip on the Seine


Andy & Tim take us on a trip to London to celebrate our 70th Birthdays


A wonderful day out
all the Family 

And a night of luxury at
The Goring Hotel

20th August 2014

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Italy June 2014 (with Pri & Don)                         Dave's 70th Birthday trip

Click to see 4 min video clip
               Stone house called a Trullie in Puglia

        Click to see short 2.5minute video clip

            To Earls Colne Luxury Villas

Azores April 2014

Click to see slide show                                                                 Click to see 10 min Video clip

Sri Lanka February 2014

Peru - Machu Picchu & Lake Titikaka October 2013

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     Click for 18 minute Video

Northern Spain July 2013     (with Pri & Don)     Peak District September 2013       via Portsmouth and the Mary Rose exhibition                                   @ HPB Bloor Hall

                                         Circumnavigation of Borneo April 2013

Aboard the Caledonian Sky     Click to see slide show

                     Click to see Video

Petit St. Vincent Jan 2013

    Island in the Sun             Click to see slide show

     PSV Room Service      Click to see Video clip


Dorset November 2012

  Click to see slide show

                     Visit Auntie Stella

Madeira Oct 2012 (Pri & Don's 40th)

Yellowstone Park USA July 2012

Island Sky Costa Rica to Cuba March 2012

Lanzarote January 2012

America & Canada October 2011


France June 2011
With Pri & Don   (Click here for Video)

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2009  Shortcut to - 2010 - 2008 - 2007 - 006 - 2005


Gozo Sept 2009 
We stayed in a HPB Villa

France June 2009
With Pri & Don


            Laos Jan 2009 
           Sailing the river Mekong
          From the Golden Triangle
          to Cambodia
         Click to see Video clip

  Polynesia Nov 2009 

Cruising from Tahiti to the Marquesas Islands

Aboard the
Clipper Odyssey

My 65th Birthday treat
from Chris July 2009
Mead Cottage Castel Combe

Click here to see video clip

South Africa 2009 
With Andy Maria
Ryan & Reece

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Chile Feb 2008

Atacama to Patagonia

plus Easter Island 

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Madeira May 2008

with Georgia, Tim and Michaela

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Canada June 2008

From Toronto to Vancouver 

via Calgary with Pri & Don

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Oct 2008

Visiting the Lemurs

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Better than the video

   New Zeland Feb 2007
From the top of North Island to Stewart Island in the south

Disney Florida
April 2007
With Andy Maria
Ryan & Reece


Scotland Oct 2007
With Pri & Don

Italy June 2007
With Pri & Don


Holland Aug 2007
Centre parks
With Georgia, Tim & Michaela

The Kiel Canal

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Baja Feb 2006
Whale watching in the sea of Cortez


London Eye Aug 2006

Dorset Oct 2006
With Pri & Don



Japan May 2006
Aboard the Clipper Odyssey

Kefalonia June 2006
With Pri & Don

Corfu Sept 2006


Indian Ocean Nov 2005
Aboard the Island Sky

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