Welcome to a few of my Inventions

Leave Me Alone Box

This is not my idea

but I had to make

my own

pneumatic version

Over the years I have made several inventions
some more successful than others
Firetrace has been the most successful 
and is still selling well after more than 30 years

My Inventions

Firetrace first appeared on the
BBC Tomorrows World program
in February 1990 and again in 1998 when it was featured along with some of my other inventions

including the Pyroplug

Click to see video clip

Pyroflex is also doing quite well 

apelling to a much smaler market

protecting small enclosures from letter boxes to mobility scooters

Click to see video clip

Pyroflex had it's moment of fame in 2004

when it was awarded the Art Fry 

Excellence in innovation award

at the Impex Inventors Exhibition

in America 

Art Fry was the inventor of the

famous 3Ms post-it note

Where did it all go wrong

Soap box Jalopy

I gues I always had a desire to build things

On of my earliest constructionsaged 8

Austin Seven special

Sadly my early racing hopes

never made it to formula one

Simple Things

   World’s Simplest Electric Motor  &  Salt Water Electric Motor

Electric Motors can be complicated things
But these ones uses the minimum number of components
Magnets a Battery a piece of bent wire

Salt Water Electric Motor

           Just click on Picture to see Video                     Another simple design from Dave Melton
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Stirling Engine



This model Stirling Engine kit is made of cardboard

It took sevral hours to build but runs perfectly

Click picture to see video clip of running engine

Steam Fire Suppression

Recently built my first steam fire suppression system
To protect a waste processing plant

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     Home made Hover Craft               Hover Craft Mk 2 Christmas 2012
Magic Two Pence Piece                 Water Powered Engine

Click below to see what happens


Fire & Water demo                             History of Steam

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