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2022 Updated again this time in partnership with my Granddaughter Georgia

as half owners each of a

 11m Beneteau Swift Trawler TS34


October 2018

Now updated to a motor cruiser


She is a 30ft Beneteau Antares series 9

More suited to the aged mariner

Sold Merlani 2018

Just bought another Boat called Merlani (2011)
She is a 28ft Fjord motor sailor with a rather unusual sail arrangement.
The mast is way back behind the cabin with a small mainsail and a very large jib

As you can see the long keel is also located well back to balance the sail plan

Undergoing marine survey by George

She has recently been fitted with a new Volvo engine and sail drive

Sails well with an expert crew

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My other boat ANNA is a 29ft Westerly Consort motor sailer             She is ideal for days out with our grandchildren  (Anna is now up for sail)  Sold February 2011.

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Update January 2016 Thrial
has now been sold back to her 
previous owner Duncan Lougee

This is Thrial which I co-own with my sailing partner George Francis who has now kindly taken over complete responsibility for her (Nov 2012)

  Thrial is over 40 years old but she still goes like a rocket

                                                                    Click to see Thrial in action







This article by Garth Cooper appeared in a local sailing magazine



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